Five Lessons for Prose Writers from Poetry (at 10 Minute Novelists)

Today, I’m guest-blogging over at 10 Minute Novelists. Katharine hosted an April series on beautiful words in honor of National Poetry Month, and I’m wrapping up that series with a post on five lessons that prose writers can learn from poetry. Here’s a sneak peek:

I’m a wordaholic. I love to work with words in as many different ways as possible, so right now, I’m a writing teacher, a freelance editor, and a writer.

For all that I’m hooked on words, though, I’m definitely not is a poet.

I read poetry, but I can’t find the patience to write my own. Still, the poems I’ve read have taught me valuable things that I now apply to my prose (as well as that of my students and authors). The following rules come from poetry, but the principles are universal. Whatever you love to write, they still apply.

Here are the top five writing lessons I’ve learned from poetry:

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