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The Cheater’s Guide to Winning NaNoWriMo

Do you dream of winning NaNoWriMo? November is just around the corner, and with it comes National Novel Writing Month: that time of the year when many people decide to write a novel, and many of them succeed. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Writing Strong, Flawed Characters: A Conversation

I was working on who-knows-what the other night when a chat window from a friend popped up on my laptop screen. He wondered if he could ask for some writing advice or if I only answered questions when I was … Continue reading

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ShoreIndie Specials

If you’re an indie author coming from the #ShoreIndie community, welcome! Whether or not you entered the contest this year, I want you to know that your story is valuable and that I support you in your efforts to make … Continue reading

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ShoreIndie Post: 7 Signs You’re Not Ready for That Editing Contest

After several rounds of helping authors get their manuscripts agent-ready through Pitch to Publication and RevPit events, I’m excited to get on board with ShoreIndie, helping indie authors get ready to share their books with the world. In these contests, … Continue reading

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May the Fourth be with you: How Star Wars saved my creativity

Happy Star Wars Day! Whether you roll your eyes at the Force/Fourth pun or embrace the excuse to pull out the memes, there’s no denying that this franchise—this story—has found another way to make itself a part of our life … Continue reading

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