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Pitch to Publication Editing Specials

Not a part of Pitch to Publication? Learn more here and consider entering in October’s round.

Congratulations to the writers who made it to the editing round for #p2p16! You’re going to be pushed hard this month, and I sincerely hope your book comes out with a great agent match.

For the rest of you, don’t give up–I saw incredible talent represented in this spring’s contest, even in the entries I had to pass on because they weren’t the best fit for me this month.

I want to continue supporting you and your stories as you tighten your manuscripts, so I have a couple of special bonus deals for all #p2p16 entrants who want to book editing services later this spring or summer (I’m currently booked until early May). I recommend booking early, even for this summer–it’s first come, first serve, and spots go fast.

These offers are good until October, when Pitch to Publication returns.

Manuscript Critique Add-Ons

This offer stands to all #p2p16 entrants. If you purchase a full manuscript critique, I will include a complementary 5-page edit with detailed suggestions for improving writing style and voice (normal value $50).

Partial MS Critiques

This offer stands to all #p2p16 entrants. I typically only perform critiques of full manuscripts since addressing overall plot & pacing is important to me. For contest entrants, however, I am offering a critique of your first 50 pages (up to 14k words) for a flat rate of $85. For a total of $120, I’ll also include the five-page line edit.

Shortlist Discount

If you were on my shortlist (I read your partial), you’ll receive 15% off all services on the manuscript you subbed.



Remember, the offer is only good on services provided in the next 6 months.  Don’t wait until fall to book–there might not be a spot left.

You’re all talented writers, and I was sorry to only get to pick one for the month of March. I hope to be a part of many more manuscript journeys this summer!

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