New in 2017: Updated Services & Bundles

What’s New?

Hello there!

As we head into 2017, I’m looking forward to another year of getting to know more of you skilled authors and your stories. To better serve those stories, I’ve made a couple of additions to my fiction editing services (and the way I invoice). My editing services page has been updated to reflect these changes, but here’s a quick summary of what’s new.

Manuscript Critique Bundles

Sometimes, authors want me to complete more than one critique pass on their manuscripts as they continue to develop and revise their stories. I’m now offering multiple-pass critique bundles to help keep this practical and affordable for you.

If you book two critique passes at the same time, the second full pass will cost just $0.003/word (60% of the normal price). If you don’t know right away whether you’ll want a second critique, there may be also discounts available when you check back in—ask me for details.

Query Letters & First Five Edits

After reading hundreds of #p2p16 entries and receiving multiple requests for query letter critiques, I’m adding on a new service—a $65 flat fee for an in-depth edit of your first five pages along with a two-pass critique & edit of your query letter.

For now, I’m keeping these two services bundled together, because both the query letter and the opening pages are essential for catching the eye of an agent, publisher, or contest mentor.

Freshbooks Invoicing

In 2017, I’m making the move away from PayPal-provided invoicing to Freshbooks. You’ll still have the option to pay through PayPal and/or credit card, but Freshbooks offers a smoother interface and more flexible options and features to make the payment process more convenient for both you and me.

As an added benefit, lower transaction fees on my end mean that I’ll be able to keep my prices down, and more of your money will be going to the service you’re paying for instead of a third-party site like PayPal. I look forward to hearing what you think!

Feedback is always welcome!

The above changes are, in a nutshell, the biggest adjustments you’ll be seeing from me in 2017. I’m excited to have another great year of working with your stories, and I hope that these updates make the process of working together increasingly convenient for you.

As always, I welcome feedback and will work to remain flexible. The needs of you and your stories are my top priority, and that’s one thing that will never change.

Warmly, Elizabeth

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