Pitch to Publication Editor

In Summer 2015, I served as an editor for WriterPitch’s Pitch to Publication event. Out of 130+ authors who queried me in late June, I requested and responded to eleven partials in July and then chose one novel to work with on developmental edits over the month of August. Kyrie McCauley made some stellar revisions on her manuscript LIONHEARTED, and her full draft is currently being considered by several agents. I loved this opportunity to connect with promising new authors and returned as a contest editor/mentor in 2016. Elizabeth Menozzi’s THE LOST EMPIRE (spring event) and Carolyne Topjian’s THE CERITH FLOWER (fall event) are also out with agents at this time.

For more information on Pitch to Publication, follow Samantha Fountain and #p2p16 on Twitter.

#Pg70Pit Co-Host

pg70pitIn Summer 2015, I served as a co-host for Lara Willard’s #pg70pit contest. I read through 200 anonymous adult category entries and voted for authors whose 70th page showed an engaging, promising voice. Of the seven winners I selected to feature on my blog, several received agent requests. Those who didn’t received free editing prizes. The contest returned in July 2016, when I again read through adult entries to select seven fresh winners.

Watch for #pg70pit again in summer 2017! In the meantime, follow @LaraEdits for updates on #pg70pit and other opportunities.


Crying River coverFeatured Project: The Crying River by Yer J. Lo

The Crying River is the book that started it all. Yer J. Lo is a Hmong author local to my area who was seeking a copyeditor in 2010. She is the first client I helped toward successful publishing, and I am grateful to have been a part of her journey. As a side note, I highly recommend that you check out her book—it is an eye-opening snapshot of the Hmong experience and the suffering that brought them from Laos to the U.S.

Authors, I’m happy to feature your project after we’ve worked together!

Other Projects

I am under a nondisclosure agreement with many of my recent clients, but I’ll regularly update the generalized project list below.

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Recent Work in Fiction & Creative Nonfiction:

  • High Fantasy (YA): manuscript critique
  • High Fantasy (MG): copyediting
  • Action/Adventure (YA): manuscript critique
  • Urban Fantasy (YA): manuscript critique
  • Chick Lit: manuscript critique & copyediting
  • Action/Adventure (Adult): manuscript critique
  • Memoir: manuscript critique
  • Contemporary Adult: manuscript critique
  • Fantasy (Adult): manuscript critique
  • Fantasy (MG): manuscript critique
  • Short Stories: critiques
  • Short Stories: copyediting
  • Contemporary Young Adult: line edit
  • Memoir: copyediting
  • Picture Book Bible stories: copyediting
  • Inspirational: partial manuscript line edit
  • Creative Nonfiction: style coaching

Recent Work in Nonfiction & Web Content:

  • Poetry: proofreading & translation checking
  • Biblical Study: copyediting for full-length print book
  • Self-Help: developmental editing & copyediting
  • Christian Living: developmental editing & ghostwriting for full-length print book
  • Parenting: ghostwriting for full-length ebook
  • Education: ghostwriting chapters for ebooks
  • Online Courses: ghostwriting modules
  • Anti-Trafficking: developmental editing & ghostwriting for nonprofit website
  • Educational Brochures: ghostwriting content and basic layout
  • Business Proposal: copyediting

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