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I had the amazing opportunity to be introduced to many talented writers during the selection round of the recent #RevPit contest (ReviseResub.com). I’ll be digging into revisions with my chosen winner over the next several weeks, but I want the rest of you who participated to know that you are not forgotten. I value your work and would love to help you in your journey toward publication.

In honor of the great writing I’ve seen and the special community that has grown around #RevPit, I am offering the following deals on my editing services for anyone who participated in the contest. Discounts will apply for anyone who books by the end of May 2017 even if the actual work is scheduled for later.

Manuscript Critiques: 10% off for all participants.

If you’re looking for an analysis of your full manuscript, both my critique letters and my deeper critiques with in-text comments are 10% off as part of this deal. If you book the package deal, note that only the standard discount applies to the second pass.

Partial Critiques: Back for a limited time!

I typically only do full manuscript critiques, but for #RevPit entrants, I am offering partial critiques of your first 50 pages (up to 14k words). Critique letter only will cost $85; with in-text chapter comments added, partial critique will cost $110.

Query Letter & First Five Edits: $5 off for all participants.

My query letter & first five pages edit typically runs at $65, but for #RevPit participants, this will cost $60. If you book it at the same time as another edit, I will add it on for just $50.

For full descriptions of all of my fiction editing services, read here.

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  1. Angie McCullagh says:

    Thank you so much for offering these discounts for #RevPit participants. It was one of my first twitter writing contest experiences and so much good came from it! Thank you, also, for your thoughtful and spot on critique of my entry.

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