Fiction Critiques & Editing

I deliver editing and coaching for full or partial manuscripts. Manuscript critiques and proofreading are only available for full manuscripts.

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Manuscript Critiques

  • What is this? If you’ve finished your manuscript and want to know where to focus your revisions, I will do a close reading of your story and point out big-picture aspects that need to be addressed. I will include a multi-page analysis of your plot, pacing, characterization, dialogue, continuity, clarity, and repeated errors. I’ll address your story’s strengths and weaknesses, giving you an idea of what I loved about your story and what I would suggest strengthening. The letter itself is pretty thorough, but if you want more, I also offer an in-depth critique that includes comments in the manuscript itself. I won’t make in-text changes for you, but I will leave in-text comments at the end of each chapter (or equivalent section) to let you know where I was confused, intrigued, bored, skeptical, or caught up in the story.
  • What will it cost? With the critique letter alone, $0.005/word ($50/10k words). With the in-text comments, $0.007/word ($70/10k words). There is a $25 letter fee added to all critiques of short projects (under 25k words).
  • Two-pass package: When booked together, a two-pass critique will include a second full pass at 60% of the price ($30/10k words or $42/10k words). Note that the second pass must be scheduled at that time. If a second pass is booked at a later date, the second pass may be eligible for a smaller discount; ask me for details.

Developmental Editing/Coaching

  • What is this? If you have a great story idea but aren’t sure how to begin and/or complete it, I will coach you through character development, plot development/pacing, and scene-building. I will not ghostwrite the story for you; I will work with you as you learn to write it yourself. Coaching is also available for improving your writing style at the scene level.
  • What will it cost? Individually-tailored coaching begins at $40/hr.

Copyediting/Line Editing

  • What is this? If your manuscript has been revised on a larger scale and is ready to be polished, I provide two levels of copyediting depending on your needs. I offer basic copyediting, focusing strictly on grammar, punctuation, word usage, and other technicalities. For manuscripts that need a little more tuning up, I give a more thorough line edit, fixing minor issues with dialogue, flow, and style while preserving your voice and intent.
  • What will it cost? $0.02-$0.04/word ($200-$400/10k words)
  • If I have critiqued your manuscript, you may be eligible for a 12.5% discount on copyediting services for that same manuscript.


  • What is this? If your manuscript has been revised, copyedited, and prepared for printing or self-publishing, I provide proofreading to make sure that there are no remaining typos or formatting inconsistencies. Self-publishing authors should always have both a copyeditor and a proofreader. Traditional publishers often supply an in-house proofreader.
  • What will it cost? $0.01/word ($100/10k words)

Query Letter & First Five Edits

  • What is this? If your manuscript is ready to be submitted to an agent, publisher, or contest, I will do an in-depth line edit with feedback on your first five pages (up to 1500 words) as well as a two-pass critique and edit of your query letter.
  • What will it cost? $65 flat fee

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