Challenge: 12 Days of Writing

I had to step away from the blog over the last month to take care of some more pressing needs, but I’m excited to be back with something a little different for the next two weeks.

Freelance editor Jeri Walker (@JeriWB) recently tweeted a link to a 12-day set of writing prompts created by Brian A. Klems (@BrianKlems) and posted online last January by Writer’s Digest. The prompts are all different from the projects I’ve been working on, but I wanted to take some time to get creative alongside some of my friends and readers.

For the next twelve days, I’ll be following the writing prompts and posting an excerpt of my results along with the story of how I got there. At the end of the week, I’ll post the entirety of my favorite creative result (as directed by the final challenge).

If you’d like to join me, please jump on in! You can follow the twelve-day challenge start to finish along with me or pick and complete whichever prompts sound the most interesting to you. I’ll gladly link to any of your related blog posts along the way, especially for day twelve.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Tuesday, 6-23: Day 1 (Potential Book Titles)
  • Wednesday, 6-24: Day 2 (Love/Hate Character)
  • Thursday, 6-25: Day 3 (Beautiful Setting)
  • Friday, 6-26: Day 4 (Letter to Agent)
  • Saturday, 6:27: Day 5 (Memorable Moment Poem)
  • Sunday, 6-28: Day 6 (Random Chapters Story)
  • Monday, 6-29: Day 7 (Letter for Self-Improvement)
  • Tuesday, 6-30: Day 8 (Bad Guy’s Fairy Tale)
  • Wednesday, 7-1: Day 9 (TV Line Twist)
  • Thursday, 7-2: Day 10 (Romance from Eavesdropping)
  • Friday, 7-3: Day 11 (Acknowledgements Page)
  • Saturday, 7-4: Day 12 (Polish and Publish)

The full list of prompts is here.

Depending on my schedule each day, I might wind up writing and posting my responses at widely different times of day or evening, but they’ll still be daily! I’ll be sure to tag each post as “12-Day Challenge” to make them easier to follow. If you already know that you’ll be writing with me, leave a comment now so I can be sure to follow your adventure. Otherwise, let me know if you try any prompt on any day—I’d love to hear how it goes for you.

I’ll see you tomorrow with my list of book titles!

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