Pitch to Publication Event

Writers, if you haven’t yet seen Samantha Fountain’s WriterPitch site, you should check it out. It gives authors a unique opportunity to post their book pitches and connect with agents. Agents are also able to browse pitches by genre and make requests for manuscripts even when writers aren’t online.

This summer, WriterPitch is hosting Pitch to Publication, a special event where writers will get the chance to connect with the book editor, agent, and publisher of their dreams. First, writers can query editors to help them prepare their manuscripts for agents. Each editor will choose their top five pitches and request 50 pages to read before ultimately choosing one author to work with through the “big picture” edits that will make their book even stronger. After that, there will be a round of agent choices, which will be followed by an optional publishing house round. There is a good chance that several lucky writers will come away from this event with a book deal!

I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be participating this summer as one of the Pitch to Publication editors. I’ll be reading five writers’ first 50 pages and choosing one special manuscript to work with in preparation for agent requests. You can learn more about what I’ll be looking for on my Pitch to Publication profile, where I’ve answered questions on everything from how I became an editor to how I take my caffeine. I’ll be sharing more details as it gets closer to summer, but it’s coming soon. Now go tune up that query and first five pages. I’d love to consider you for my team!


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